Straightness Training Whip


  • Straightness Training Whip
  • Straightness Training Whip
  • Straightness Training Whip
  • Straightness Training Whip
  • Straightness Training Whip

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Our carefully selected Straightness Training whip is perfectly suited for groundwork, longeing, work in hand, riding and ST at liberty. 

If you had to choose just one whip, this would be it!

Because it’s the perfect communication device to set you up for success in all five training pillars.

And the good thing is, that you can choose your favorite from our exclusive collection.

We have the right one to suit your needs!


The exclusive ST whip comes in a variety of natural colors and sizes, so you have the luxury of choice:


  • White
  • Black
  • Gray
  • Champagne
  • Brown


  • 110 cm (43")
  • 120 cm (47")
  • 130 cm (51")
  • 140 cm (55") 

With this exclusive assortiment of 20 different options, we hope we have the right one that suits your needs.

As you can see, the beautiful leather knob matches the color of the whip perfectly.  

And the charming Straightness Training logo has been pinned to the leather knob, which gives the whip a subtle touch.

There’s also a Straightness Training logo labelled on the whip, which expresses your training STyle even more.


  • This delicate and practical whip is easy to handle and offers you a subtle communication tool.
  • With this whip, you can extend your arm and energy bubble easily, so you can communicate in a refined way.
  • Take these tips from the professionals, if you have a small horse, such as an Icelandic horse:
    • The shortest whip is a good choice for groundwork, work in hand and riding
    • The longest one is a refreshing alternative for a longeing whip.
  • And if you have a big horse, such as a Friesian, or Clydesdale, the longest whip is a good choice for all training pillars.
  • When you start to collect your horse in hand, you can toucher the croup and hind legs with this longest variant.
    • The shortest variant is also a popular choice when you want to ride brideless, with two whips.
    • The most commonly used whip is the 120 cm (47") whip.
    • Whatever variant you choose, it is an ideal choice when you want to refine your work with the important 2mm, so you can become the best Straightness Trainer you can be.
    • Just choose your favorite and the one that fits your individual needs!


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