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Our cavesson is a timeless classic, born of centuries of experience, and it has a traditional European design.

It’s the ultimate tool to get you started with Straightness Training, and the best choice for gymnasticizing your horse in groundwork, longeing, work in hand, and riding.

It's a century-old tool, and our beautifully crafted cavesson is a wonderful merger of old wisdom with new refined materials. 

It’s a must-have, and an absolute essential, if you want to make a positive difference for your horse and help him develop the best possible physique.


The carefully selected leather of this cavesson is supple, feels comfortable in the hand of the rider, and fits closely to the head of the horse.

The cavesson comes in different colors, to offer you the luxury of choice:

  • Black leather with silver rings and silver buckles
  • Brown leather with silver rings and silver buckles
  • Black leather with silver rings and golden buckles
  • Brown leather with silver rings and golden buckles

(Colors may differ a little from the pictures as leather is a natural product)

In Straightness Training we prefer to use this delicate cavesson with the following specifics:

  • The noseband consists of an articulated chain, wrapped around with leather, which shapes perfectly around the nose. The noseband measures 25 cm (10”).
  • Three rings are attached to the noseband, one in the middle and one on each side, and these moveable rings make it easy to change rein:
    • During groundwork and longeing the line is attached to the middle ring.
    • During work in hand and riding the reins are attached to the outer rings.
  • The chin strap fastens the noseband and is adjustable from 18 to 32 cm (7 to 12.5") - The piece with the buckle measures 8 cm (3"). The piece that can be adjusted 31 cm  (12").
  • A strap around the lower jaw prevents the cheek piece from moving up into the eyes, and this throat latch is adjustable from 38 to 60 cm (15 to 23.5"). - The piece with the buckle measures 20 cm (8"), the piece that can be adjusted 50 cm (19.6").
  • The cheek pieces are adjustable from 74 to 96 cm (29 to 37.8"). The piece with the buckle is 20 cm (9"), the piece going over the neck is 84 cm (33").


    • Hundreds of years of experience go into every cavesson, and it's crafted for years of use, and built to last a lifetime.
    • Our practical and easy-to-use cavesson is adjustable and will fit both a warmblood horse, and Thoroughbred, as well as an Arabian, and Icelandic horse. So it’s perfect for all types of horses.
    • This traditional cavesson is a popular choice, because it's very easy to use in the training, and the ideal tool to supple your horse's body and limbs.
    • It's a clear choice when you want to teach your horse all gymnastic exercises without disturbing the mouth, and it’s a perfect alternative if you’d like to train bitless. With this cavesson, mistakes that are made by previous riders using a bit, can be corrected.
    • The cavesson is easy to integrate into a bridle with bit, and when making the transition from cavesson to a bit, the horse will react lightly and attentively to the effect of the bit and will be easier in hand.
    • Our customers rave about this product and no experience is necessary. So it’s perfect for beginner horse trainers and the favorite of experts.
    • It's the smartest choice you'll ever make when you want to start and progress in Straightness Training! 

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    Please check your horse's measurements with the measurements of the cavesson before ordering.